Christmas Gift Ideas: Preschool Boys (ages 3-4)

(Please note that many of the links here are affiliate links, which means that if you click through them and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you! This helps me keep the lights on around here and my self-esteem from plummeting haha so I really appreciate any and all purchases you make through these links! And above all, I appreciate you stopping by to read my little blog! Thank you!) 

I love the concept of minimalist giving that I always see on Pinterest, but for my boys, I have to switch up the categories just a little bit! I like to get just one or two things from each category to give the boys a nice, but not excessive Christmas. I focus on quality toys that will last.

Here are the categories for the gifts we’ll be giving this year: 

Christmas Gift Ideas_ Preschool Boy Edition

(Just click the red links to be taken right to the items shown above!)

Something to Ride: 

These are perfect big ticket WOW gifts for Christmas morning! 

Radio Flyer EZ Glider Scooter

We love this one because it’ll be so easy to toss in the back of the Highlander to hit the trails down by the river. Our boys have been wanting scooters for awhile now! I’ve been picturing them in front of the tree on Christmas morning with a big red bow on the front of each one! And there’s no way I’m giving the credit to Santa for these gifts! I want the credit for making these two so excited!

EZ Roller Mini

These. Are. The. COOLEST. They make them all the way up to adult sizes too. Truly, they’re a blast to ride on. One of our local kids’ places has them for kids to play on, and my twins are obsessed. They holler “boom, baby!” anytime they get to ride one! It’s perfect for flat drive ways and garages and flat walking trails/sidewalks. Perfect for wiggly legs!

The Original PlasmaCar

This is the funnest little wiggle car, and while they don’t make it in adult size, you’re little ones will have fun on it for years to come! It’s great for kids who can’t quite bike yet, but want the thrill of riding something on their own. It allows them to move their body in a different way, and it’s suitable for indoors (no real hardwoods though). The kids’ place I mentioned above has these available as well, and my twins are just as big of fans. Perfect for wiggly arms!

Something to Build:

I’m a big believer in toys that allow for maximum creativity. My boys are very hands-on, and, like all kids, they thrive when they aren’t overwhelmed by mountains of stuff. These toys allow for lots of fun and learning for little ones and beyond. 

Tegu Skyhook Magnetic Block Set 

This is my favorite toy right now! Our boys are obsessed with this little set! I realize that the price tag might seem a little scary at first for such a small set of toys, but I assure you, you’ll get your money’s worth! My boys have played with nothing else for days now, and every creation they come up with a more cool than the last! Plus, the mess has been minimal for me >:) This is THE toy. And made from wood and painted in muted colors, it’s beautiful and durable. This is a set you can easily save for many years and pass on.

We already own the Helicopter set, but we bought this adorable car set for our boys for Christmas as well. It’s also part of the Tegu Stunt Team line, so it will enhance the Skyhook set we already own.

ZoZoPlay STEM Learning Toy: Tubular Pipes & Spouts & Joints

I bought this set for the little guys, and I’m so excited to see what they come up with! It’s a great toy at a great price and they can build so much! This is perfect for an activity bin intended for independent play!

Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set 

Year after year, I recommend these to people. We’ve got 300 of these magnetic blocks, and there’s nothing else like them. I do think 300 is a great number, because the whole family can get in on the fun and we can build large intricate structures! Our boys love to build themselves into a tower only to come crashing out of it! These blocks are very fun and very durable and inspire creativity like no other!

If anyone in the family is reading this, please don’t give us anymore of these haha! 300 is our max, but we appreciate y’all for gifting us the 200 last year! ❤

Something to Wear: 

Big boys don’t always get excited about getting clothes, but preschool boys still get excited about everything! And these cute little tops will be sure to bring a big smile to your little one’s face on Christmas morning and beyond!!!

Dinosaur Sweatshirt

So we already have this one, and our boys just LOVE IT! The pocket unzips and has a mouth with teeth inside! So cute. And it’s big enough that my boys can squirrel away their little treasures for the day. So precious!

Dinosaur Jeans

We don’t have these…YET! But I know my boys would get a kick out of this entire outfit, and I love the slim fit jeans from here, and you cannot go wrong with an elastic waistband for preschoolers. Truly, I don’t know why anyone bothers buying pants with buttons and zippers.

Something to Play

These are awesome games to get the whole family involved! 

Feed The Woozle Preschool Skills Builder Game

I don’t have this game yet, but it comes highly recommended! I love that it has three different levels, so your children can enjoy playing it for years to come! Games like this promote a lot of great skills like cooperation, decision making, dexterity, and many others!

Disney Classic Characters Matching Game

We have a great set of memory cards that our boys love to play with! They can play alone, with each other, or, their favorite, playing with mom and dad! These are especially fun because of all the familiar characters!

Solar System Back Pack

I’m a real sucker for Pottery Barn backpacks. I love that they have so many outside pockets (especially those cupholders), and you can’t beat the size variety. The small is the perfect size for preschool through kindergarten.  Oh, and this one glows in the dark. Talk about major cool mom points!

Mini Squigz

My kids LOVE these! They’ll build with them on the tabletop or sometimes they’ll make these really cool designs on the windows with them. They love toting around a few, and I love how quiet and small they are!

Melissa and Doug Farm Cube Puzzle

My boys are officially too big for simple puzzles. Sniff. It’s crazy how smart they’ve become!! I love that this puzzle offers plenty of challenge, while being extra space-saving! I love that it’s a six-in-one puzzle! Melissa and Doug does it again!

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